Issue Special October-December 2023
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The Carbon Copy

The science is clear: climate change is happening

Global temperatures are at the highest recorded levels. This in turn is affecting weather patterns, bringing not only droughts and heatwaves, but producing storms that last longer and are more intense, driving not only immediate loss of human life and property damage but disease, forced displacements, famine and the extinction of other species.

As a result, many nations have drafted initiatives to lower the carbon production that is driving climate change. And the world is meeting now in Dubai for COP28 to take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement, the international treaty on climate change.

The UAE was the first nation in the MENA region to draft a net-zero target, adopting a long-term strategy to reduce greenhouse gases and help limit the rise in global temperatures by 2050.

A key element of this strategy is deploying clean-energy solutions to replace carbon-producing fossil fuels. The UAE has invested more than U.S.$40 billion in the sector, with hundreds of millions more in aid and soft loans for clean energy projects.

In this issue of the KUST Review look at this energy transition as the world seeks to move away from the fossil fuels that drive carbon emissions.

We investigate some of the details of this transition, as well as how to live more sustainably. KUST Review Deputy Editor Steve Griffiths talks about making smart cities cyber-secure and -resilient.

Senior science writer Jade Sterling looks at the logistics of the energy transition as well as improvements in aviation fuel. Editor Suzanne Condie Lambert writes about the hydrogen economy and an innovative way to make cement with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. And Maggie Kinsella dives into what to do with the carbon we capture.

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Arif Sultan Al Hammadi

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